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GOLF: Pine Haven Chamber of Commerce will host Golf Schamble @ Keyhole Country Club please email for date and details

MUSIC: Pine Haven Chamber of Commerce KEYHOLE RHYTHM & RIBS FESTIVAL

WINTER FUN: The Chamber worked hard last year to bring in some winter activities to the area and developed the KEYHOLE WINTER CHALLENGE. Ice Fishing is ghe main event and we are attempting to incorperate other events, but Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate. Ski and Dog sledding are also on the plans if snow is deep enough.

Keyhole State Park, home to Keyhole Reservoir, that offers approximately 14,720 acres of water recreation opportunity including excellent fishing for walleye, catfish, small mouth bass and northern pike. (Fishing Regs) Keyhole is also a mecca for both resident and migrating birds of all species. Visitors have the opportunity to view many types of wildlife including mule deer, white tailed deer, and wild turkeys. As well as camping facilities a marina and motel are located on Headquarters Road, adjacent to the lakeshore.

The Keyhole Reservoir Fishing Association is a non-profit fishing and conservation organization dedicated to ensuring a high-quality fish population at Keyhole Reservoir now and in the future, not only for us, but to conserve the legacy of fishing for our children and our children's children.

Keyhole Country Club The long days of summer in Northeast Wyoming provide lots of time for golf. Keyhole Country Club is nestled in its own private setting and is located in the town of Pine Haven with scenic views of the Northern Black Hills and Keyhole Reservoir, offering a challenging 9-hole golf course.  The Clubhouse has a bar and café and the public is welcome. With daylight stretching to 16 hours per day in the summer and temperatures averaging in the mild 70's, anytime is a good time to play your rounds. Check out the calendar for tournament info or call the club house 307.756.3775.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Pine Haven, Wyoming (Affiliated with the association of Vineyard Churches, U.S.A.) was established in October 2002 as a Saturday night meeting in area homes. In October of 2006 we were able to purchase the building at 3 Industrial Drive in Pine Haven for a permanent location for the Church.

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