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Chamber History

The Pine Haven Chamber of Commerce was started in January of 1989. Together the Town of Pine Haven and the Chamber of Commerce will continue to promote a diversified business community focused on energy, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and the arts while fostering the western spirit.

VISION: "PINE HAVEN FIRST" (adopted May 28, 2009)

MISSION STATEMENT: The Pine Haven Chamber of Commerce exists for the purpose of promoting the social and business atmosphere of the community for the benefit and growth of Pine Haven, its people, and visitors. (adopted May 28, 2009)

Chamber Executive

Margaret "Babe" Lynch, Presiding President (term ends 2014)
Teresa Stefan, VP (term ends 2013)
LaDonna Rolfson, Secretary (term ends 2013)
Dorothy Taylor, Treasurer (term ends 2012)
Jeffrey Freyholtz (term ends 2014)
Cheryl Dittus (term ends 2016)

The Welcome Crew

We would like to welcome all new business to our great town click for picture show.

Community Profile

Pine Haven was incorporated on March 17, 1987. The highest point in Pine Haven is 4,270 feet. The elevation of the lake is 4,100 feet. Pine Haven is a growing community with an increasing population from 141 in 1990 to 285+ in 2004.

Pine Haven on Wikipedia

For any information Town government related please click on the below link, call or stop by Town Hall.

24 Waters Drive 307.756.9807 Fax: 307.756.3378
Open Monday-Friday, 8AM to 4PM


Pine Haven Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 243 / Moorcroft (Pine Haven) / Wyoming 82721
Phone: 307.756.3384

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